Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Her Name

Esther is named after my Great-Grandmother, Grandmom. This is her and me just after I was born.

Grandmom is baby*-Esther's mom's mom's dad's mom (follow that?). She grew up on a farm not far from here, a farm that was fairly recently sold to become parkland. She had a strong faith, and I hold on to her marked-up Bible and a crucifix that was hers.  I remember visiting her in the nursing home as a kid. She had osteoporosis and other other stuff, but I was too young to know much about that. She was always so sweet, and seemed happy to see us, in spite of the fact that we were three kids under the age of seven (at the oldest). She died at age 91 when I was in second grade, and was the first person I knew to die. It was kind of traumatic.

On a slightly cheesey note, I made up a song when Esther was born. In my defense, not much rhymes with "Esther."

There once was a mommy and God blessed her
By giving her a daughter she named Esther.
She brought such joy to her mom and her dad!
Every time she smiled, it made their hearts so glad.

There one was a baby girl named Esther.
She was a special girl because God blessed her
With beauty and smarts and talents and such,
And a family who loved her very much!

Mommy’s great grandmom was named Esther.
She was a special lady ‘cause God blessed her
With a long life and a strong faith too,
And that’s just what your mom and dad wish for you!

Any other moms out there make up cheese-ball rhymes to sing to their kiddos while rocking/breast-feeding/begging the baby to go to sleep?


*OK, toddler.

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