Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The Invite

This is the invite to Esther's second birthday party. (I made it for the non-email people in Esther's life. The electronically connected got a little e-mail thing from a program I have called Smilebox. It came free with my purchase of Print Shop.)

The party will be at my Nanna's assisted living facility. They have a free activity room. Nanna is Esther's great grandmother. She's 85 and can't get out without oxygen, so this was the only way I could be sure to include her. Plus, when Esther and my dad and I visited her over the holidays, Esther's cuteness cheered up some of the oldsters there, so I wondered about the availability of a space. Nanna gets to invite 5 or 6 buddies. She's already worried she'll leave someone out and hurt feelings. Miss Popularity.

The added bonus of doing it there-- there's no other free location that will be neutral space for my family. Since my parents' divorce, I've been cautious to include everyone, not offend anyone, and try to avoid awkwardness all at the same time. Now that Esther's in our lives, we're all stepping up in these areas... all for Esther.

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  1. Very cute! And I LOVE the picture of you and her at the top.

    I can't find a way to follow this blog, like I do others...