Monday, January 21, 2013

Our Story So Far

Esther's dad and I are splitting up. I know it can't be easy for Esther, but it's not like we can sit down and have a big long chat about it. But she loves story time, so I made her a story book.

I did it on snapfish.

The gist of Our Story So Far is that both of her parents love her, and we're doing the best we can to help her be happy.

She loves pointing at the pictures and telling me who's in them. Me and Daddy, herself (she calls herself Daddoo-- I think it comes from us saying "that's you!" in pictures or the mirror), her grandparents, and a whole spread of the key characters in her life. She requests it each night by shouting, "Daddy!" or "Daddy Mommy!" (There's a picture of Daddy and Mommy on the front cover.) It's usually second to "Dum Dummy."  : )

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  1. that's such a great idea Jeannie! lots of love and hugs to you as you continue to navigate these waters