Tuesday, February 26, 2013

dip it stick it

Last post from Esther's birthday party... and no picture to go with it, sorry!

To go with the monkeys & drums theme, I made drumsticks.

Living in the south, I've had lots of good advice on how to fry things, but I baked these.
Here's the method:

1. Dip in milk
2. Dip in flour
3. Dip in egg
4. Dip in breading.

The milk helps the flour stick, the flour allows the egg to stick, and the egg makes the breading stick.

I set it up like an assembly line with a bunch of mixing bowls.

As for the breading, this can vary depending on what you're cooking. For the drumsticks, I used breadcrumbs and added lots of spices (not quite 11 herbs and spices, but still good!):
     garlic powder
     chili powder
Then I baked it till it sizzled and the chicken was thoroughly cooked inside.

When I've made fried green tomatoes, I used corn meal for the breading (plus salt & pepper but that's about it... I think next time, I'll use some red chili powder for some kick). Then I fried them in about 1/2 an inch of oil in a skillet.

One more thing-- This totally makes a mess. You end up breading your fingers repeatedly, leaving you with drumsticks of gook on your thumb and at least two of your fingers.

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