Friday, February 1, 2013

Felt snowman

I made this for Esther. It's cut out of white felt (felt by the yard from Michael's) and decorated with black felt circles and an orange felt carrot.
The idea came from a Pin of a felt Christmas tree. I taped it to the back door with painters' tape, and cut out a bunch of felt decorations for it.  Just circles in primary colors. Esther had fun decorating her tree whenever she wanted, especially since she wasn't really excited about not being allowed to touch the real tree.
My mom and I figured, you can make anything with this idea. A snowman for the rest of winter, maybe an ocean scene come summer time...
The snowman, as you see, is not taped to the door. One of the advantages of having a mom who has been a teacher/director of a preschool for 25 years is that she >happens< to own a flannel board.

She's not really into it, unfortunately.  Maybe next year?

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