Wednesday, February 6, 2013


Besides eating ketchup with a spoon, Esther has introduced me to levels of grossness I never knew possible. Last night she pooped in the tub and called me into the bathroom where I saw her holding a large piece of it, saying, "Mommy, poopy!!" Obviously poop is gross, I won't get into anymore of those details. But here are just a few of my surprise gross-outs:

Esther picks her nose and eats what she finds. (I didn't know kids really do this!)
Esther wipes her nose and spreads it wherever she finds (across her cheek, across my cheek).
Esther pulls stuff out of the trash. And eats it.
Esther rubs bananas in her hands like solid lotion. The she rubs it on her face, arms, me, you name it.
She tastes food, chewing it halfway before deciding she doesn't like it. Then she spits it out and hands it to me.
Yesterday I gave her a peanut butter sandwich. She opened it, placed it peanut butter-side down, pushed down on the bread like she was kneading dough, picked up the bread, and started licking the left-behind peanut butter off the table.

This is just the beginning. I am stunned daily.

Update: she pooped in the tub again tonight. This is not a habit I want her to develop.

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